Angel Chimes
   Angel chimes
tradition of christmas trees 220 years in U.S.

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For millions of families, it is just not Christmas until you hear the Angel Musical Chimes and the revolving Angels driven by the rising heat from 4 candles.

Interested in Selling Angel Chimes in Your Store? Even Overseas, Not Too Late with Air Freight.

Several million people around the world since 1948 have discovered Angel Chimes in specialty stores at Christmas time. Others see them and refer their friends to your store year after year for their chimes.

You can become the "source" for Angel Chimes over a wide area. Give them a try in your store.

We can show you how to sell Angel Chimes and make them the center of "Christmas” atmosphere and tradition in your store.

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Tradition of Musical Angel Chimes Christmas, 100 Years In U.S.

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Classic Angel Chime - Brass
Classic Angel Chime - Brass
swedish design angel chime

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